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Partnerships – Commercial Benefits

The INAS Global Games allows partners to showcase their brand to communities across more than 80 countries, and to more than 300,000 registered athletes and their families, friends and local communities.

Whether you are looking to develop innovative ways to build your brand, increase sales, connect with the public, motivate employees or enhance corporate social responsibility programs in communities, the Global Games Sports Company will work with you to maximise your efforts.

Organisations and businesses of all types and sizes are set to benefit from the exposure and brand equity the Games can provide.

How your Support Helps

Partners can support the Global Games through the provision of products, services, technology, expertise or funds, or they may also choose a combined support approach featuring a mix of financial and non-financial contributions.

At the Global Games, being a partner is far more than a commercial relationship. Your support can:

Fund teams and athletes to prepare and participate in the Global Games

  • Foster acceptance and diversity
  • Support the development of grassroots inclusive sport programs and practices across a specific or broader range of sports in the Global Games Program
  • Engage with youth and encourage active and healthy lifestyles through being involved in sport
  • Create lasting legacies for inclusive sport and achievement
  • Provide unique and rewarding volunteering opportunities for your employees
  • Provide a vital revenue stream to support the staging of the Global Games

For more information on becoming a Partner of the INAS Global Games please contact our partnerships team on mail@gg2019.org.

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