LORRI the LORIKEET: Mascot for the 2019 INAS Global Games.

Lorri the Lorikeet swooped into the Brisbane Exhibition grounds this week shaking her tail feathers to promote the INAS Global Games 2019 being held in Brisbane from October 12-19.

From her home on the city’s Mount Coot-tha, the brightly coloured rainbow lorikeet spread her wings to join GG2019 Ambassadors, Boxer Jeff Horn and Paralympian gold medal swimmer Daniel Fox and several Australian team athletes training for the sporting spectacle.

Designed by a Brisbane schoolgirl, Lorri epitomises the excitement, colour, individuality and inclusivity of the Global Games as she proudly welcomes athletes and their family and friends around the world to her city.

Whilst the INAS GG2019 Mascot design competition attracted a very high volume of entries, the judges felt that Lorri, with her Australian heritage and her larrikin spirit, best personified the welcoming spirit of Brisbane and Australia.

When asked about her inspiration the artist said, “I chose the lorikeet as a beautiful symbol of Australian wildlife. Further researching, I discovered that lorikeets hang upside down and duck and weave like acrobats. I thought this would make a suitable connection to the INAS Global Games as it is an athletic sports event that includes a variety of sports and gets to celebrate the diverse, inspiring athletes.”

“We have a flowering gum in our front garden and I often watched the lorikeets’ comical and playful behaviour, so I also thought it would be suitable to have a mascot who displays these fun, colourful attributes,” she added.

At the official Lorri launch, the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Councillor Adrian Schrinner, was delighted to introduce ‘Lorri’ as the mascot for the Games saying Lorri had a very important role to play in welcoming athletes, friends and family to the city and the event.

INAS Global Games 2019 CEO, Robyn Smith added, “We are very proud to be the host city for the INAS Global Games 2019, an event that epitomises inclusivity and celebrates the incredible talent of athletes from all over the world with an intellectual impairment.”

GG2019 Ambassador and world champion Boxer, Jeff Horn said the Games will be a great celebration of world-class athletes competing for their countries and enjoying their sport at the very top level in a friendly and inclusive environment.

“And having a cheeky rainbow lorikeet as a mascot who loves a good chatter is a great way to spread the word about GG2019 and encourage the community to get on board and enjoy a truly world-class sporting event this October,” Mr Horn said.

The INAS Global Games is a world-class sporting event with 1,000 elite athletes with an intellectual impairment, coming to Brisbane from 12-19 October .They will be going for gold and the glory of competing for their country against elite athletes from up to 80 countries in 10 sports at key venues across the city including the Queensland Tennis Centre, Sleeman Sports Centre and the Anna Meares Velodrome.

Lorri now has her own page on the INAS Global Games website. To learn more about her, go to: https://www.inasglobalgames.org/mascot