1 week. 9 sports. Over 1000 world class athletes. They will compete, succeed and prove intellectual impairment is no barrier.

    The Games

    The INAS Global Games is the world’s largest sporting event for elite athletes with intellectual impairment. In Brisbane 2019, over 1000 elite athletes will compete across nine sports in a captivating and inspirational celebration of sport, culture and ability.

    INAS Global Games Brisbane

    The INAS Global Games is a world-class sporting competition that represents the peak of sporting achievement. Held once every four years, the Global Games sees competitors from over 80 countries vying for the honour of being recognised as the best in their field.

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    INAS is the recognised International Sport Organisation for athletes with an intellectual impairment  and full member of the International Paralympic Committee…

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    Global Games Sports Company

    The Global Games Sports Company was established by Sport Inclusion Australia in February 2016 as a separate constituted entity to conduct the INAS Global Games…

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    Sport Inclusion Australia

    Sport Inclusion Australia is the recognised national sporting organisation for athletes with an intellectual impairment, the INAS Member nation and a founding member of the Australian Paralympic Committee…

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    The Sports

    • Athletics


    • Basketball


    • Cycling


    • Futsal


    • Rowing


    • Swimming


    • Table Tennis

      Table Tennis

    • Taekwondo


    • Tennis


    • Cricket


    • Hockey


    The Place


    Brisbane is a vibrant, exciting new world city that’s tailor-made for international sporting competitions such as the INAS Global Games.

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    The Sport

    All events will be held at facilities that meet the appropriate international standards. Stadiums Queensland will host the majority of competition at world class facilities that are experienced in hosting major international sporting events.

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    Queensland is a great place to host the 2019 INAS Global Games. Queensland is home to thousands of kilometres of tropical coastlines, the outback, sandy beaches, coral reefs, mountain rainforests and a wonderfully warm climate. We look forward to welcoming you.

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    The Team

    The Global Games Sports Company as Local Organising Committee has a dedicated and experienced team to develop and deliver the 2019 INAS Global Games in Brisbane 2019.

    • Image of Ms Robyn Smith

      Ms Robyn Smith

      Chief Executive Officer

    • Image of Greg Dunk

      Greg Dunk

      General Manager

    • Image of Jane Tighe

      Jane Tighe

      Manager – Venues, Ceremonies and Special Events

    • Image of Gary West-Bail

      Gary West-Bail

      Sport Manager

    • Image of Holly Mead

      Holly Mead

      Administration Officer

    • Image of Chantel Lewis

      Chantel Lewis

      Support Officer

    The Ambassadors

    INAS Global Games Sport Ambassadors are a select group of both current and retired sportsmen and women who have achieved sporting greatness or made significant contributions to the sporting community during their careers.   

    • Image of Pat Rafter

      Pat Rafter

      Inas Global Games

    • Image of Daniel Fox

      Daniel Fox

      Inas Global Games
      Sport Ambassador

    They are recognised as role models and icons of success and have volunteered their services to support the INAS Global Games.Our ambassadors are an important part of the INAS Global Games family.   They generously take time out of their demanding schedules to help us with our events and the promotion of the Global Games.  They assist us with our vision to change attitudes and challenge perceptions, to create opportunities and develop pathways and to strengthen communities locally and globally.