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Pushing It to the Limit; the World of Competitive Athletics

It’s no secret that playing leisure sports can be plenty of fun. After all, as the saying goes, ‘it doesn’t matter who wins or loses; it’s how one plays the game.’ But competitive athletics is an altogether different state of affairs, one in which it certainly does matter who takes home the gold medal. On this website, readers will find a range of posts about all things pertaining to the grueling world of competitive athletics, from track-and-field and relay racing to long-distance cycling and the 40-yard dash.

Enduring the Unendurable

Competitive athletics is about pushing oneself to the absolute limits of physical endurance and well beyond. Visitors to this site will find numerous articles about celebrated athletes who broke multiple records (often in more than one category) by pushing their bodies toSergey Bubka, who set an astonishing 35 world records throughout his career, and Jamaica’s Usain Bolt, three-time Olympic gold medalist and the world’s fastest 200-meter runner.

Peak Physical Fitness

In addition to inspiring articles about history’s greatest athletic champions, visitors to this site will also find an array of helpful tips for achieving and maintaining peak physical fitness. From dietary advice to the most arduous workout routines, readers (both professional athletes and health-conscious amateurs) will find everything they need to know to keep their bodies in tip-top form.