About Queensland

Queensland is a great place to host the 2019 INAS Global Games. 

Queensland is home to thousands of kilometres of tropical coastlines, the outback, sandy beaches, coral reefs, mountain rainforests and a wonderfully warm climate.

Brisbane, Queensland’s capital city with almost two million people, has grown to be an incredibly vibrant river city, a place with something for everyone.

Positive and forward-thinking, generous and optimistic, Brisbane has a great outdoors lifestyle and the greatest variety of native wildlife of any capital city in Australia. From art lover to outdoor adventurist, Australia’s third largest city caters to all tastes.

Whilst you are here for the games, explore other parts of Queensland – from prehistoric rainforests to reef-fringed beaches, sunburnt plains to urban laneways.  Queensland is a place like no other, offering iconic and unique experiences.

We look forward to welcoming you.