Application dates

Round 5 of the Next Gen Athlete Grants and Scholarship Program is now open and will close on the 30 November 2017.

Successful applicants for Round 5 will be announced at a Celebration Event at Brisbane City Hall in early December 2017.


When should I apply?

Applications can be submitted at any time when a Grant Round is announced and prior to the closing date. You must submit your application online before the closing date for that round. Applications will not be considered if lodged after the closing date.


What is the value of the NEXT GEN ATHLETE Grant and the NEXT GEN ATHLETE Scholarship?

There are no set amounts allocated to Grants and Scholarships under the program. The total Value of Grants and Scholarships will be limited to those funds available in the program in each year.

The NEXT GEN ATHLETE Grant is a one off payment and the value of the grants offered will be determined on a round by round basis dependant upon the number of applicants selected for each level of support and available funds from the overall program funds.

The NEXT GEN ATHLETE Scholarship is a multiyear program and the annual value of the will be determined on a round by round basis dependant upon the number of applicants selected for each level of support and available funds from the overall program funds. This program is reviewed annually based on athlete progression and performance.


What are the grants intended for?

Grants can contribute towards the cost of coaching, travel, accommodation, uniforms or equipment for your development and future participation at the nominated championships.


How long until I know if my application has been successful?

Grant applications are assessed twice each year.  The Selection panel endeavours to review applications and make grant announcements within 4 weeks of the closing date of each application round.



How long will it take to receive my grant?

Grant/Scholarship funds will be deposited with your State Sporting Organisation or School Sport Queensland or Sport Inclusion Australia within 4 weeks after you have been notified of the successful outcome of your application.


Why are the funds given to the School Sport Australia or to the relevant State Sporting Organisation and not to me directly?

The State Sporting Organisations relevant to your chosen sport or School Sport Queensland form an integral part in the development of elite athletes and therefore it has been decided that they will hold the funds and allocate them to you as needed to support you for eligible expenses. 

Sport Inclusion Australia at its sole discretion may also hold funds on behalf of recipients and allocate funds for eligible purchases on production of relevant invoices for products/services by successful applicants.


Does submitting an application guarantee that I will receive a grant?

Unfortunately there are a limited number of grants available and in most cases there are more eligible applications than grants available.


How is my application assessed?

At the conclusion of each round, all eligible applications are sent for assessment by the selection panel, which comprises representatives from the Lord Mayors Charitable Trust, Sport Inclusion Australia, 2019 Inas Global Games, School Sport Queensland and representatives from State Sporting Organisations.

The panel uses information included in your application as the basis for their assessment.  Additional information such as results or selection into further representative teams cannot be added to the application after the application date has closed.


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